• Jalyn Hammond

SAG-AFTRA Issues Investigation Into Gabrielle Union's Firing From 'America's Got Talent'

SAG-AFTRA has issued an investigation into the incident that led to Gabrielle Union's exit from NBC's 'America's Got Talent'. This labor union represents over 160,000 actors and many performers nationwide, for they have given confirmation of a probe into the circumstances that arose from this season.

Gabrielle Union-Wade was a judge on 'America’s Got Talent' for the first time this year. Since she and dancer Julianne Hough appeared on the show; “Union had the largest social media engagement of anyone on the show”, says The Daily Beast.

Union's husband Dwyane Wade took to Twitter speaking out in support of his wife.

Like other African-American faces in the entertainment industry, Gabrielle Union has voiced her concerns several times on the discrimination acts she’s witnessed on the set of ‘AGT’.

Less than 3 years ago, former 'AGT' host Nick Cannon spoke out on the alleged racism that was taking place on the show. Shortly after, Cannon resigned from the network.

It is also reported that Union was given multiple notices for wearing different hairstyles, as producers claimed it was “too black”. This prompted social media users to reignite the campaign #BlackHairChallenge showing off the versatility of Black women.

A large support system has formed around Union during this time, as she courageously spoke out on her concerns within her workplace.



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