• Jalyn Hammond

Inglewood's New Coffee Shop Co-Owned by Issa Rae

Most known for her HBO show, Insecure, Issa Rae is not only a producer and actress but now co-owner of trendy coffee shop. Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen, which opened a new location, Downtown Inglewood.

Issa Rae teamed up with entrepreneurs Ajay Replan and Yonnie Hagos to bring this new Inglewood location to life for the natives of Los Angeles to have a safe and creative space to turn to.

Rae posted a video via Instagram to introduce the new shop to her fans, “I’ve always wanted a coffee shop in my neighborhood. Coffee shops facilitate productivity in so many ways, they facilitate collaboration.” Issa Rae continues, “I personally have done all of my writing in coffee shops. So it always disappointed me that there weren’t any that were Black-owned”.

The Insecure creator has always given back to her hometown Inglewood, California. Hilltop Coffee is not an ordinary coffee shop, the new store is twice as big as the first location, which serves as a creative space for the community, while offering all day dining, and live performances. Hilltop offers a full menu that includes bowls, sandwiches, pastries, and more.

The location has two levels. The upstairs lounge overlooks the downstairs dining and barista bar. For the last few years, Inglewood has kept this location in the hands of Black owners. The building was previously owned by the family of Miss Robbie Montgomery, which was 'Sweetie Pies Soul Food'.

Ajay Replan speaks on co-partnering with Issa Rae, “We could not have found a more authentic partner, whose values and whose mission is as aligned with ours.” Hagos adds “Hilltop in an inclusive space, its for the communities that we’re putting them into, but for the creator, for the writers coming in to write, and for the family coming in that lives down the street”.



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