• Jalyn Hammond

Eddie Murphy Returns to SNL, Creating Highest Ratings In Over Two Years

This weekend episode of Saturday Night Live was a big night for viewers, as comedian, Eddie Murphy returned to the SNL stage after 35 years.

Murphy first joined the SNL cast at 19 years old, shortly after, the comedian quit the program to pursue his long term career of acting and comedic stand up shows.

In addition to ending 2019 as the Saturday Night Live host, Murphy also shared the stage with fellow legendary comedians, Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle. SNL had its most watched views since 2017. “This weekend’s episode averaged a 2.5 rating for adults ages 18-49 and brought in a total of 9.921 million viewers, according to ‘fast official’ ratings from Nielsen Media Research” says CNN.

Eddie Murphy gives viewers laughs by bringing back familiar characters from the past - Mr. Robinson, as he does a spoof of "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood", and his character Buckwheat, as he reenacts "The Little Rascals".

The 58-year-old comedian also ends 2019 announcing the birth of his tenth child, as well as his latest movie “Dolemite Is My Name”, which premiered on Netflix October 2019.



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